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People often get very conscious about decreasing density of their hair. They feel ashamed publicly, due to which they opt for hair transplantation but the sad part is, even after the transplantation their concern of facing public still continues, but this time for a different reason which is they don’t want to let the world know about their transplantation, as just after hair transplant, the red spots and scabbing are quite visible. Now, the question arises, what should they do then? There can be multiple suggestions to such an issue, like: The doctors say that it is advisable to stay at your home and give your scalp sometime to heal....

Which parts of your body can be transplanted?

Let’s start with what hair transplantation is? It is nothing but a very simple procedure to revive your dead hair roots. It involves pulling out your hair follicles from the area of scalp experiencing thick hair growth and then implanting it to the growth resistant area of your scalp. The area from which hair is pulled out is termed as donor area, while the area to which it is implanted is termed as recipient area. There several techniques to get your hair transplant done. These techniques are broadly categorized into two groups, surgical and non-surgical which are briefly defined below. Surgical Hair Transplant Hair transplant involving surgeries is termed as surgical....

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Reasons for falling hair

Normal hair fall is fine but when the hair fall becomes abnormal then it becomes an issue which be most distressing and can result in sleepless nights. Given below are the reasons leading to heavy hair fall. Chlorinated Water Chlorinated water these days, has become story of every city of India and our Allahabad too, which is very harmful for our hair. Our hair is coated and infused with oil known as sebum. When hair comes in contact with chlorinated water, the chlorine gets bonded with this sebum, which will leave your hair less shiny and less strong. Chlorine can also alter the makeup of your hair itself. When it...