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Which parts of your body can be transplanted?

Let’s start with what hair transplantation is? It is nothing but a very simple procedure to revive your dead hair roots. It involves pulling out your hair follicles from the area of scalp experiencing thick hair growth and then implanting it to the growth resistant area of your scalp.
The area from which hair is pulled out is termed as donor area, while the area to which it is implanted is termed as recipient area.
There several techniques to get your hair transplant done. These techniques are broadly categorized into two groups, surgical and non-surgical which are briefly defined below.
Surgical Hair Transplant
Hair transplant involving surgeries is termed as surgical. There are two types of such transplant,
• FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
• FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
Non-Surgical Hair Transplant
When there requires no surgery or operation to re-grow your hair back, then the transplant is termed as non-surgical hair transplant. The several types of non-surgical transplant involve
• PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatment
• Mesotherapy
• Dandruff Treatment
• Hair Weaving and Hair System
One among these techniques is chosen depending upon the patient’s hair fall, affordability and convenience.
Now, coming to the body parts that can be transplanted, or for which we will help you restore your hair back involve
Hair Transplant
When hair follicles from back of your scalp or from other body parts are extracted and restored to the growth resistant area of your scalp, then, the transplant is termed as hair transplant.
Mainly men undergo through this transplant as they are affected more due to male pattern baldness.

Eyebrow Transplant
When the hair follicles from back your scalp or other body parts like chest, legs, armpits are extracted and then transplanted to the brow area, it is termed as eyebrow transplant. It enhances beauty of your face. Usually, men opt for such transplant.

Beard and Moustache Transplant
When the hair follicles from back your scalp or other body parts are drawn out and implanted to the area of beard and moustache then it is termed as beard and moustache transplant.
Men undergo through such transplant to get manly look, which has other added benefits like hiding scars, pimples and sunburn.

So, if you lack hair in any of these parts of your body, you can get the transplantation done at Evolve Esthetique Clinic which has a team comprising of best hair transplant doctors in Allahabad.

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