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Reasons for falling hair

Normal hair fall is fine but when the hair fall becomes abnormal then it becomes an issue which be most distressing and can result in sleepless nights. Given below are the reasons leading to heavy hair fall.

Chlorinated Water

Chlorinated water these days, has become story of every city of India and our Allahabad too, which is very harmful for our hair.

Our hair is coated and infused with oil known as sebum. When hair comes in contact with chlorinated water, the chlorine gets bonded with this sebum, which will leave your hair less shiny and less strong. Chlorine can also alter the makeup of your hair itself. When it encounters the keratin protein in your hair, it chemically bonds with some of the parts of the protein molecules and makes these parts water soluble, causing the proteins in your hair to weaken and become thinner. Chlorine can also change the colour of your hair.

Lack of Protein

A single hair strand is made up of protein which means, it requires an adequate dose of protein to grow. If you do not consume enough protein, your body will not be able to supply enough protein to your hair.

At a particular time, 90% of our hair is in growing phase which continues for 2-3 years before going to resting phase which continues for few months and shedding phase starts and finally new strands start growing afterwards. If you won’t consume enough protein, then most of hair will go in resting phase together, making hair loss evident.


Lack of Iron

While growing, hair strands require a lot of iron. Women who have regular heavy menstrual periods are at a higher risk of becoming iron deficient and this becomes the reason for women being get affected by iron deficiency more. In most of the cases, iron deficiency is known at the stage when it becomes extreme which would be shown in symptoms like fatigue, paleness, breathing related issues and anxiety.


When we are ill, our immune system gets affected due to which the nutrients inside our body are not directed to the hair, instead are directed towards the other body parts where there require more nutrients.



Heredity is the most common cause of hair loss. It is not really a disease, but a natural phenomenon caused due to some combinations of age, hormones and genetics. If parents have lesser hair, then their children are at higher risk of having lighter hair.

These hair fall causing factors can make a person bald. But the good part is that it is curable and avoidable too. The hair fall can be delayed and avoided by following a proper diet, consuming essential nutrients rich food. It can be cured by using different hair restoration techniques which we offer especially for people suffering with heavy hair fall. The hair transplant doctors, at our hair transplant clinic offer you the best hair loss treatments in Allahabad. So, say no to the hair fall!   

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